Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

The Firm has one of the largest intellectual property practices in Trinidad and Tobago and advises its clientele on all areas of intellectual property including Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications as well as on emerging areas such as e-commerce.

The Firm’s clients in this area include a wide array of both local and foreign clients including, among others, companies involved in oil and gas manufacturing, computer software and hardware manufacturing, clothing, cosmetics, industrial operators, shipping lines, pharmaceuticals, home and health care, food and beverage and general retail.

The Firm maintains close working relationships with the local Intellectual Property Office and other stakeholders in this practice area. It is also active in the area of reform and has been represented on a number of committees appointed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the purposes of reviewing and considering the intellectual property laws of Trinidad and Tobago including considering how such laws interact with Trinidad and Tobago’s international treaty obligations.

Attorneys in this area have played a role advising the Government on updating and drafting the present regime of intellectual property laws (in association with experts from the World Intellectual Property Organisation). The present laws are the most modern in the English speaking Caribbean and have been treated as a template for other jurisdictions.

The Firm handles all types of intellectual property registrations, provides commercial advice on intellectual property issues and co-manages, with the litigation practice, contentious intellectual property based proceedings both before the Intellectual Property Office as well as the High Court.

Stephanie Moe, Partner

Jon-Ross Dookie, Associate